Sunday, December 23, 2007

A wonderful story comes from the heart - JK Rowling


A sorrow and a feeling of losing everything and being left alone, has been the real factor of the creation of the unbelievable story......

JK ROWLING breaks down in tears when she returns to the flat where she wrote the first Harry Potter book, and admits that even after a decade of phenomenal success, she still struggles to believe her current life as a multi-millionaire is real.

The moment was captured during filming for JK Rowling A Year In The Life, which will be screened next Sunday at 7pm on ITV. Returning for the first time to the flat in Leith where she began writing the Harry Potter saga, Rowling was overcome with emotion on facing the "ghosts" of her past - the struggles she endured during her early writing.

The flat is only a few miles from her main home in Edinburgh, yet she had never returned.

Stepping into the front room of the flat Rowling said: "This is really the room where I finished Philosopher's Stone, here. This is really where I turned my life around completely. My life really changed in this flat."

She explained: "I feel I really became myself here, in that everything was stripped away, I'd made such a mess of things. But that was freeing, so I just thought, Well, I want to write,' and I wrote the book and, What is the worst that can happen? It gets turned down by every publisher in Britain, big deal. It's really back to the wall time here'."

As she walked around her old home she was amazed to find copies of the Harry Potter books in what had been her bedroom, but is now occupied by new residents.

"Oh look, Harry Potter books! Now that is really freaky," she said.

Reflecting on her massive fame and fortune Rowling was visibly choked to be back at the place where her journey began, and said she couldn't quite believe how far her life had come in the past 10 years.

"For years now I've felt that if it all disappeared, and some days I do feel like is it real?', then this is where I'd come back to, this would be my baseline, I'd be back in Leith.

"And if I'd known that 10 years on I'd come back with a film crew and there'd be my published books on someone else's bookcase in this room it's really incredible to me."

Rowling talked about how she wished she could have known her decision to write the Harry Potter books was going to have such a "fairytale resolution" during the toughest times at the beginning.

"Because it's such a well-worn part of my story now, it's a big yawn to hear how I wrote it, as though it was all some kind of publicity stunt for a year, but it was my life and it was very hard and I didn't know that there was going to be this fairytale resolution, and coming back here is just full of ghosts."

For the first time in her phenomenal career, Rowling invited a camera crew into the heart of her personal world for the Year In The Life documentary. Filmmaker and fellow author James Runcie filmed Rowling for 12 months as she completed and launched the seventh and final Harry Potter book - Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows The documentary paints an intimate portrait of a woman at the height of staggering success which sometimes overawes her, who never expected the international fame that her books have brought her, and provides an honest, poignant and often humorous insight into her past, her personal life and her devotion to her writing and the character she describes as her own hero, Harry.

Rowling is filmed on a private jet with her husband, Neil Murray, as they travel to the US for the eagerly anticipated book tour. She also reveals what influenced her writing, notably the death of her mother and how this seeped into every aspect of the books, and why she felt Harry had to triumph in the end.

JK Rowling A Year In The Life will be shown next Sunday at 7pm on ITV1


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

VULTURES and IDIOTS who keep Poor as Poor and Rich as Rich

Once my family earned Rs.5000 per annum. Now I pay Rs.8000 per month as a regular tax to government (there is more that I pay to government). I studied in rag-hanging bloody government schools which didn't even teach me English properly and the state board which refused to teach Hindi. I bloody lived in my village all along where there were no bloody shiny roads or street lamps or hospitals or any establishments (not even the stinking offices and centers available in cities).

Why this much tax when there is no crisis in Indian economy? Or is chidambaram trying to repay the debt to the world bank?

Where are the natural resources and the profits by them and the doubled profits by the great efforts of government employees and organizations?

Why government is not able to make money when a bloody small startup firm makes money?

Why it's always the employed civilians who are yanked a considerable amount of their earnings from? Their whole future and life improvement depends on that salary.

Why it is 30%? Why it is not 50% or 70%? Take the whole money we earn you bloody government!! The highly controlled U.S government takes 30% and it is okay because they maintain the whole nation perfectly and the infrastructure is good. But, why in India I pay the same amount of tax?

Why I pay Rs.80 tax in my Rs.500 telephone bill every month even after paying 30% tax (Rs.8000)?
Why I pay taxes for all costly items I buy?
Why I pay road tax when I buy a vehicle?
Why I pay property tax for the only home I own?
Why should I suffer and stay in middle class? Just because my government is not capable of managing on it's own?

Even if we collect one rupee from everybody, it would come to crores and crores. Think of the many thousands from every single tax paying person and the magnitude of the amount!?!

I'm ready to pay about 5-15%. But 20-30% is too much. And the added taxes on every spending of mine is too-too much. And there are no income for me other than my salary.

Shit of a Tax Law:

It is very plain and not flexible. It affects many and benefits few. The one who is not declaring anything and paying tax for his full income is subjected to pay even more because the law is plain old ruler and his income is magnified and he is forced to pay 30% for the amount he didn't declare. But the one who declared some investments, his income is de-magnified and 1 lac(for which he invested) minus his total income is what actually considered as his total income. what the heck?!? And this guy's income goes below the 30% frame and he only pays 20%.

But the poor fellow who showed all his income without any investment is forced to pay 30% because his income crosses 30% frame.

The rich families who own factories and organizations and hiding under the concept of corporate and shows all the earnings under corporate expenses and escapes from the tax. And there is enormous amount of money and no one cared to notice and that money makes them still richer and leaves the improving middle class family in the middle forever.

A good king collects tax from his civilians only when there is crisis and also he makes sure that the amount looks negligible to the civilian and he has no desire to cheat the government.

And why the heck should I pay extra money for running the organization that collects tax from me? Who made this law? Who is the fucker that adjusted all income-tax department's expenses on a civilian's dear salary? He must be a fool if he is a middle class guy and he must be a cunning rapist if he is rich.

Who will question the law makers? Why the law is not debated and changed as and when needed?

Why am I shouting like a fool when I know nothing is going to change? This is the good and bad of living as a society. It is the curse of any social animal and surely for the intelligent social animal that is humans.

Who wanted a nation? Who wanted a society? Who wants law? Who wants public departments and centers? Who wants roads? Who wants police department(who stabs people at the back)?

Everyone go wild!! Just exchange!! Don't formalize!!

If every individual is civil, then there is no need for a society/government to make everybody civil.

Humans are herds!! They are racists!! They always crowd and crouch!! Filthy creatures that invade the earth!! They stamp and kill their own kind (stampede happens often only in human crowds; even goats and cows are better in that situation)

The highly and the lowly, and holy that may be humanly. But, I'm not in this business. Sodoff!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Aggression, A Shame Within

For me, the most catchy word among aggression, aggravation, apprehension, assimilation, aspiration, assertion, affection and admonition, is 'Aggression'.

When people show their aggression, they don't realize how heavy-headed they look. I'm not here to preach the morality of humans and their social values. I'm just an observer. For me, aggressive guys are most lowly to any self-centered folks. They are most self-centered than anyone else.

I must warn you that I'm not talking about the aggression we show on a particular task (thus disrespecting the Karma). But about the aggression that affects others.

It shows that the person disregards, ignores, doesn't value, doesn't treat the other two-legged, two-handed, two-eyed, one-nosed, one-mouthed and x-dashed humans equally.

It is not in their brain that the natural law and god almighty do not care specially for anyone. And they delve into the human invented social values and self-drawn notion of being above to those who are not aggressive.

Arrogance seems to be the big brother of aggression. Their brain should be so dumb to not realize how the inter-relative space should be with any other human or live.

I label aggressive guys as 'a grumbling growling crooks'. And I feel aggressive now to thrash them out even more ;-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

First scribble

If at all I write anything on this page, that would contain improper use of pretty peculiar rare words and lots of Harry Potter stuff...... And this is the character(above image) I greatly admire for now....