Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Aggression, A Shame Within

For me, the most catchy word among aggression, aggravation, apprehension, assimilation, aspiration, assertion, affection and admonition, is 'Aggression'.

When people show their aggression, they don't realize how heavy-headed they look. I'm not here to preach the morality of humans and their social values. I'm just an observer. For me, aggressive guys are most lowly to any self-centered folks. They are most self-centered than anyone else.

I must warn you that I'm not talking about the aggression we show on a particular task (thus disrespecting the Karma). But about the aggression that affects others.

It shows that the person disregards, ignores, doesn't value, doesn't treat the other two-legged, two-handed, two-eyed, one-nosed, one-mouthed and x-dashed humans equally.

It is not in their brain that the natural law and god almighty do not care specially for anyone. And they delve into the human invented social values and self-drawn notion of being above to those who are not aggressive.

Arrogance seems to be the big brother of aggression. Their brain should be so dumb to not realize how the inter-relative space should be with any other human or live.

I label aggressive guys as 'a grumbling growling crooks'. And I feel aggressive now to thrash them out even more ;-)