Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CWA - Calf Welfare Association

Injustice and cheating is happening everyday before our own eyes and we are part of it. I'm sure every one of us is part of this. You will be shocked to hear this. You may be a good human being harming no one. But the very existence of your life on this earth is because of a crime and theft. You are growing out of thieving. You are taking the property away from their owners giving nothing to them. Do you believe this?

Yes, I'm talking about a fact which is forgotten for several thousand years but still happening till today and I don't see any improvement in near future also. An injustice became a day-to-day life activity. A crime is not considered as a crime just because everyone commits the crime everyday and it became normal to everyone. Do you see the cruelty in this? Where are we heading, we the human beings? Towards spirituality? No way!?

It is the cheating of calf happening everyday is the subject of this blog. Think about it. Cow produces milk for its calf. We just cheat the calf and take the large part of the milk to ourselves. Our children grows with this milk. We have several food items to nourish us out of this stolen material. Cows are the original owners and they manufacture the material in the hard way. But we just take it. We never thought about this injustice. You might think that I'm talking absolute non-sense. Yes, for those who are grown with crime where the crime runs in their blood, it will be hard to understand this injustice.

If you still believe that Calves do not need Justice, here you go!

Who says humans are mammals. Never!! We are parasites! We live on cows milk, not our own milk though we have been blessed with our own. We are lazy and we like to steal others stuff. We grow plants to eat them. Grow animals to eat them. We are just the consumers. There is no difference between humans and meat-eating animals. Every food item is coming from other lives except the breast milk. And we eat specifically large amount of reproduction-organs of plants(grains, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc). What a shame.... If we take something from another creature, we have to give them something back. We are not doing a fair business here. Nobody has time even to think about this!?

The whole world is living on by cheating a calf.

Basis of humanity = Injustice to a calf

You might've come to the conclusion that I really have a murky mind. Oh, not so fast buddy. I'm just putting myself in that calf's position. Just to give you a perspective you know. This is one of the way to chew my thoughts out. Thanks for reading! I'm not anti-human. In fact, you will understand me in the next blog ;-)


  1. Idhuku melayuma alagu vaenumgara....

  2. My crude, cruel, dirty mind wants to say something really very very bad and cruel... but I do not want to make your blog an adults-only-blog. I admit that, we can stop cheating Calves, but you also said *we grow plants to eat them*, what do you mean by that? Do you say that we should not eat plants also? then what should we eat? wont we feel hungry if we dont eat anything :). We grow plants to eat them, yes. Without humans help, the plants couldn't have survived much. If humans were simply animals, without knowledge, and only eating them, all living things would have come to and extinct. We have knowledge and we use our knowledge to grow them... make them survive and to get the benefit, we eat some of them. If all the fruits, all the grains are to be sowed, then we humans would live monkey life... so we control them. We at least get only the milk. We help hens and goats and porks and other things to survive by breeding them and saving them. So, eat them. It is all nature's rule. There is no crime involved in it. [Recently, I am seeing that you are drinking un-boiled eggS (more than one) per day. How do you explain that. You are killing millions and millions of hens that could come out of that eggs. Aiyo paavam.] I am red in indignation. I want to punish you. If you want to escape, then get me a Hydrabadi Biriyani today :D. Otherwise, you would see some more big-mokkai-comments coming for this blog from me.

    Thank you.

  3. thanks for the big comment making my perspective-blog more debatable...

  4. ha.. some more thought from actual calf welfare association - cow produces more milk which when left unmilked would become poisonous for itself and its own child(really). cow by giving milk to others (human) gets lot of punniyam, thus strengthening its road and calf's lane to heaven (this is not possible unless man milks cow).