Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fish Fish

You may gash
as you wish
because the fish
is mere dish
to those
who is harsh!


  1. Dear Mr. MurkyMind,

    If you had wanted only to make a poem with rhyming words, it is okay. But if you mean what have written, then I have a question.

    How to cook a fish without gashing? Do we have to tell the fish, "I don't want to be harsh... so, please you yourself cut into pieces... and mainly, remove the unwanted parts of yours and jump into the fry pan after applying the masala all over your body. Please".

    [P.S. You may think, "you told you will only ask one question, but you had asked three questions (including this one)". But that is not the point. Please answer me. Teach us how to be nice to fish and cook and eat them.]

  2. Assume an innocent person like me in place of the Fish. You will get it. Some people never protest against the injustice done to them. They just accept everything even if the act is so mean and it was considered as trivial as cutting a fish.

  3. Since I can not assume that you are an innocent person, I did not read further. I did not even read what you said about injustice being done and all other things. The context is so bizarre. It is as though gashing a fish only describes such situation... it is gashing anything isn't it? Of course, I understand only GASH is rhythmic with FISH... (I think I had done any mokkai here. What I wanted to say was: the poem was very good... but the meaning was absurd. Fish are caught and gashed and eaten. There is no harsh in it. If that is considered harsh, then plucking out an entire plant to get the rice is also harsh... hitting the plant to let it leave its grains is harsh... in short, if what you meant was harsh, then we should not eat anything. This is in conjunction with your blog about cows :)] Keep blogging!

  4. Forget it...... you will never understand the meaning..... It is not harsh in your point of view.... it is not harsh in my point of view.... but it is, in the fish's point of view..... i just sing for a fish.... not for me....

  5. Dei Prabha,

    Intha Poem supera irukuda. ennakku onnumae puriya.. but ana atha padikum pothu ellam ore sirippu sirippa varuthuda.... Goood...