Friday, November 28, 2008

Bombed Bombay and Peaceful Human World

I don't know much about Bombay bomb blast except for the fact that more than 100 people were shot by strangers openly.

I don't want to talk about terrorists and government and security because, every single person in India or in the world, just talks! They don't move a bit of a dust by speaking. Even a butterfly flutters away dust in the air. But our words are useless.

Cribbing and complaining and showing sympathy does not even wipe a single drop of blood that is shed in blasts and shootings and wars.

What can I do?

What can I do?

Don't ask me! You better figure it out you fucker!?! Use your bloody brain to do something about this and don't start a mail thread or gossip in work place or at home!

Do you think terrorism is inhuman? Oh, your thought actually helps us. Come and get this memento.... Idiots..... Every single disturbance caused by some people is an activity of an unsatisfied human. You don't do anything about it for them. They do such things. And then you crib, cry, complain and die. Those terrorists also fall in this category. Instead of dealing with what they want, they are dealing with people who can never satisfy their needs. They are trying to pump milk out of a bore-well. Utter idiots!

Now, what I will do? Well, I don't need to tell you that!?! Get lost and do something instead of asking me.

(By the way, I decided to do something about it)


  1. Let all the terrorists attend Landmark Education and they will become a better human sorry human!

  2. Praba, why are u cribbing & complaining about those Idiots who are cribbing & complaining & showing sympathy? better you do something to change those idiots. Dont ask me how to do it or dont tell me that this blog is one way of doing that. (Bytheway, I have decided to do something about it).

  3. Here
    something is happening.