Friday, May 7, 2010

A good Tamil online dictionary

Recently I wrote few poems in Tamil. Since, for the past 10 years I was not in touch with Tamil much due to Engineering and my Occupation, I really forgot few basics in Tamil which I was dead clear until my 12th standard.

Like, which RA should come in உரையாடல்.

Really really I should be ashamed but, anything can be forgotten which is the human curse.

I didn't know where to check in online about such doubts.

Also, any English-Tamil dictionary will not have standard English words like 'squat'. And so many high profiled words are not available in any dictionary. I used to use a SriLankan online site which gives meaning in Tamil/Singala for most nominal English words.

But there is a new smart kid in the block for my problems. It gives Tamil meaning for even most complex English words (I mean a lot greater better than any I have been using so far).

It also helps me confirm my Tamil vallinam/mellinam issues in my poems.

Well, the kid was born in Anna University, Madras Institute of Technology, AU-KBC Research Center.

Here he is >>>