Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On behalf of a friend

Well, I happened to write a birthday gift note to help a friend wishing his lover a happy birthday.

But in reality, he didn't want to borrow my writings and I too won't be able to use them anymore.

Here are they,

1. I love you and thank you for being my first, best and the last love. So is this gift, capturing us together in my dreamy land.

2. Potter molds and shapes the clay. Guru molds and shapes young minds. You mold and shape my heart. With lot of love.

3. You crazy girl. I love you for making me crazy as well. Happy birthday :)

4. Rest of your birthdays are with me. Claim them soon. Lets create some new birthdays too. Just kidding darling. Happy birthday!


  1. I never knew you had a poet in you... Great lines da... Too bad that your friend didn't use these lines... But why did you mention that you wont be able to use them? What does that mean?

  2. well, I assumed that I don't need to be flirty with my wife (after arranged marriage) ;-)

  3. Flirting with your wife can be safely called as romance... actually, it should be rightly called as romance... you need it da... I can't be assertive about things which I don't know of... so, let me say, "you may need it da..." ;)