Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Talking Tom 1: Meaningless Hurry, Rush, Panting and Sweating

                       Meaningless Hurry, Rush, Panting and Sweating

Well, this is a story of "Tom" the cat and "Jerry" the mouse.

One day, Jerry was sneaking around the house as usual eating all the food he can get in the pet-less house.

He heard the front door open. His mistress came in.

She was out for shopping and now that she returned home, Jerry's hopes were rising high about the new food items she might've brought in.

She called out 'Jerry! Jerry! Come and look what I've got for you?'

Jerry went out front and took a good look at what his mistress was holding in her hand.

"Yes Mom, what is it?" a voice startled Jerry from behind. Oh, it's that kid of hers called "Henry".

"Here Jerry, meet Mr.Tom. Tom, this is Jerry." she said.

The purring streaky sneaky woolen thing stared with its bulbous eyes.

This is the day of my life. The day I first met Mr.Tom or just Tom the cat.

"Hello my lovely friends. How'you been?" said the cat.

Two hours later....

Jerry was looping through all the holes, nooks, corners of the house only to be chased by Tom.

Jerry just skidded to a halt in front of his mistress. "Well what is the meaning of this?" he asked her, clearly offended by his mistress' tactlessness in buying such a pet.

"Jerry! show Tom around our house" she said.

"Well I'm not the only one who knows the circuits around here!" exasperated Jerry, wishing that the cat would leave him alone.

"Mom, do you know why they call this a mouse?" asked Henry from his computer table holding the mouse by the wire.

"Why dear?"

"Because it knows the circuits well" said Henry patting his computer and grinning.

"Oh brother" sighed Jerry.

"I'm sorry about that mate. Don't take it personally." said Tom and waited to let the meaning sink in and leered and said "I'm a cat and you are a mouse. That's that. Well, I don't enjoy this chase much neither. It is a cat thing you know. Nothing's personal...!" and swoosh he sprang up on Jerry.

"You insolent cat!" ran Jerry shouting.

"A cat may as well be insolent than not chasing a mouse when he sees one" recited Tom.

"Hey J, stop there!" shouted Tom behind Jerry.

Jerry froze in the middle of his sprint, "Did you call me J?", "What on earth does that suppose to mean?" quizzed J.

"Dude, why don't we talk this through?" said Tom. "Lets stop this bickering. I'm getting bored of this meaningless hurry, rush, panting and sweating for a few minutes pleasure" said Tom innocently batting his eyelashes.

"Ha! Mr.Creepy. You sound like as though this is something mutually pleasurable."

"Okay okay. Let me stop fooling around. Come on, listen to me. Do you know that the furious of all fights is fought among brothers?" waited Tom.

"Your transformation is worth an amusement. Foolish chaser to Mr.Creepy and then to Mr.Creepy Wise Concile Cat" mocked Jerry. "Nevertheless, please explain the furious fight thing".

"There are many incidents in history that suggest that furious of all fights happened between brothers or siblings. You know, the American civil war between North and South, colonial clash among Europeans who descended from a single race, war between Karna and Arjun in Indian mythology, numerous fights over the throne in kingly times, the contemporary India-Pakistan fight, etc, etc..."

He continued, "I believe that our races should've descended from a single ancestor and we should have been brothers many a births ago".

"Seriously, I doubt Darwin would agree to that in his evolution theory" noted J

"Come on. Look at us. We both have bulbous eyes."

"Not me"

"Whiskers, long curvy tail, cautious deceitful movement to catch our food, except for the soft, silky, dandy, beautiful fur that we have, I think you guys lost it to the tail and became full body baldies... pity..."

"Oh, why not. Couple of others. We are vegetarians, and you fools are blood suckers. Then, we don't eat your race, but you eat our race. How about that?"

"Oh come on, lets get past this present and overlook our differences to rediscover our eternal bond." said Tom nicely.

"You know what, so far it was good. Now you started to put me off"

"All what I'm saying is, lets call it a truce and try to be friends, you know, like true friends, like dudes and brothers?"

"Okay. Lets see. Now what shall we do as friends for starters?"

"Got an idea! Lets hit the bar and checkout the cool chicks in drunken frenzy out there."

"Oh boy, cats and mice and, now the chicks to the list. But, you still surprise me. Too many surprises for a single day. Lets finish it with the bar for today" said J.

Tommy returned to his mistress to purr.

Jerry returned to his hole, sat thinking and started munching the cheese he brought in.

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