Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Be Assertive India" says America

India should wield its "diplomatic, economic and military" clout.

Be assertive, voice forcefully, lead headway in regional neighborhood and strategic ambitions.

But India is holding onto age old diplomatic caution, being non-intrusive, passive, maintaining risk-averse diplomacy. Coalition governments and age-old civil servants are not helping anyway. Bla bla bla... it goes on...


One thing is right. India should be more assertive and should not bend to other powers.

But in what way? It is completely in different sense. I don't know whether Indians that is the real people in the foreign service, government, the corrupted politicians, and the alternating self serving political parties coming to power are up to the job. [I don't know how a consistent character can be maintained by different political parties coming to power]

Now what is the job?

India for the most part is compromising on values and justice in international arena for its own economical growth, and acts like a coward due to insecurity many times.

For example, relationship with U.S, Russia and World Bank/IMF is marked by weaker reactions to the dominant forces. World Bank forced India to open its market in return for the loan to bail out Indian monetary crisis in 1990's.

Developing relationship between Russia and U.S, India is torn between two powers not having the power of her own.

Even after passing nuclear liability bill in India, U.S is orchestrating a drama through NSG and trying to coerce India to undo her nuclear laws.

Though, being a servant to such high powers helped India to grow economically, India doesn't have any strong character or will of its own in international arena.

The irritating neighbors like Pakistan, reactionary and arrogant China, deceiving Sri Lanka behind the back are all reasons for India's absence of assertion and will power not to bend to higher powers thus compromising its own values and morals.

Can India openly make statement saying, it will not befriend any country just for its own benefit, but it will be only guided by international justice and moral of its own? We all talk about ancient India, its tradition, character, justice, and compassion to all human beings. But, the contemporary India, hardly shows any such character to the world.

Can India take risk to strike down offending countries with iron hand for justice? It need not be a military offensive. It can be withdrawal(100%) of economic relationship to protest the offending country that acts inhumanly and with injustice.

Can India cross the line of insecurity, try to be strong, use iron will while accommodating Pakistan's fear and try to take bold steps to resolve the issues between two countries? Is it even possible to think, India and Pakistan both sharing Jammu Kashmir as two friendly nations whose interest is to secure the strategic geo-location of J&K? Can India stop whining and move forward? Can India hold Pakistan responsible on its promises?

Pakistan is extremely reactionary. India creates nuclear weapon. Pakistan creates one immediately. India launches missiles. Pakistan launches missiles too. If India farts, Pakistan also will fart immediately I guess. Both U.S and China are taking advantage of this childlike character of Pakistan to befriend it. It is all India's fault. India lost a brother who now joined with adversary forces to strike down India in anyway possible.

All due to cowardly character of India.

When we say "Hi Friend" to Russia, we should let Russia know that this friendship is not because we agree to be unfriendly to Russia's enemies. It is only because we want Russia to be our friend. The friendship with other countries cannot be dictated by Russia. India cannot be offensive to any country just to win a friendship of others. It is India's own right to decide who can be her friend. It is the most unholy indication that India is weak and has no value of her own.

Can India be such an assertive country radiating her ancient character of compassion and justice to all human beings and  living things, in international stage? Not just look for economic growth?


  1. This essay would get a very good mark if written in the IAS exam da... :)

    But the answer is clear and everyone knows it... but to achieve the resolution is nearly impossible... a country can be only as good as the leaders right? If almost all the leaders are coward and corrupted, what else do you expect?

    BTW, "If India farts, Pakistan also will fart immediately I guess" is a classic! :D

  2. and pakistan is not willing to forgive India for aiding the liberation of Bangladesh(East Pakistan) from Pakistan.