Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Piece - Japanese Anime

I had the luxury of watching several Japanese anime series. My indulgence was great with Naruto a series about ninja's in feudal times of Japan.

But, only about "One Piece" my lazy hands wanted to type few words about on my blog (doesn't matter anyone cares to read of course).

There are monstrous amount of manga/comics and anime series pouring out on Japanese media everyday. I think they are very imaginative people for all those varieties of animes and manga to be published and celebrated worldwide.

All stories, have a hero who is like Rajinikanth in some way. Bad but with good heart. Almost all the animes I watched portrayed the hero as a hardworking numnut who is as stubborn as a rock(in this case Rajinikanth differs, he is always intelligent). The way they work towards their goal harder and harder, it would feel like they will turn into dust soon.

Those people out there who are never satisfied with the amount of fictional books they've read (after the silence of Harry Potter), those who keep their comic books from childhood days like a treasure still, and those (very important) who have time, can explore this vast ocean of quality stories coming from Japanese mangas.

I get a kick from reading stories that are setup in ancient times or medieval times, or times when science hadn't matured. Well, if you are like that you can explore these animes.

One other special thing about Japanese animes are, that they mix contemporary science into the story happening in medieval times of Japan as it would fit in those centuries. Their analogies are quite interesting and a  great treat for any fictional mind ;-)

Well, coming back to One Piece, it is setup in medieval times, when sea piracy is the way of life. Japan being an island country, I think this story is a good fit for their fictional minds and the guy who authored this has used every details he can conjure up to make it awesome.

As you go through the anime(I'm not much comfortable with manga form) well, it is a heart touching story for one thing, but totally fun and adventurous in its true nature. Suddenly you might fall in love with potato skins and their qualities; you may not be a fan of fish, but you might as well fall in love with fish cuisine; you might experience the hurdles of a swordsman, voila suddenly you might be inspired by him when he cuts 'nothing'(vacuum or Ether if you are too technical); you might even go through the process of drawing maps of lands on earth once our scientists had gone through, through an adventurous girl navigating our hero's ship.

And as with all children fictional work, hero's are young people only; and they act as mature human beings sometimes during the story, it's so cute :)

Well, if you let me I will sit and tell you the whole story. But, if you can test only one series, then go for One Piece. One warning though, these animes are not like Matrix Movie where every loose end is correctly tied up. But, there will be plenty of fun in the way story is set up that you can never get to see anywhere else.

One last thing; we all have heard mysterious, adventurous story bits; they are just bits and pieces only, mentioned briefly in several places like books and movies. But Japanese animes are a full blown version of those small bits you always desired to learn more about.

And one thing I couldn't get my head around is, several characters in multiple animes are children who live alone, tending themselves but working hard to keep up; often without parents; and then some adults living alone unmarried in a remote place in a lone house; it repeated so many times, that I started wondering whether Japan is a such country or what. Or what's with the obsession of making strong willed characters' background as so lonely?!

Arigato Osaimasu...! Orevaa mothu mothu kavaaiyi! ;) not really.