Monday, February 2, 2009

Never regret what you are!!

If you regret what you have grown up to be, then think again. There is a serious insult to the God. You are against the God's principle of randomizing the process of developing various personalities and creatures on this earth.

There is one thing that never be affected by the factors that shape you in your life like, parents, relatives, your place, local community, religion, economical status, local ethics, degree of awareness in your locality about the outside world, friends and their habits, neighbours and their visible personality, etc, is the drive to feel self-worthy.

The worm grows and dies which may seem to you like a worthless creation of god. But, in God's view point, it adds value to the environment; in one way or the other, every simple and complex creature contributes to the aging process of earth and nourishes other creatures and balances eco-system. If you think of so many persons born on earth and noted in history have died at last leaving no ever-lasting change on this earth. Every great men and any unknown ordinary men who lived and died reached the same destiny; that is, he lost his body to this earth and exhausted his electric spark (pacemaker).

So, have fun with every moment of your life.


  1. If regretting is itself the GOD's design (based on randomizing process), why is this blog?
    What you think as regretting may be the real fun! ha!! You have fun with every moment of life...

  2. Yenda, indha recursive algorithm apply panradha vuda maatiyaa....